Agriculture & Food Security

Agriculture is a major driver of growth for the Tanzanian economy and is a great contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as well as a dominant source of employment. It is also the main source of food, industrial raw materials and foreign exchange earnings.
Are you operating in this sector? Please Join Us today,  we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and organizations in this sector to achieve their sustainable goals such as food security, poverty alleviation and income generation.

Banking and Financial Inclusion

This sector plays a vital role in the economy by offering services to people wishing to save as well as offering finance to businesses that wish to invest and expand their operations. This business investments financing is very important in enabling economic growth.

Fine business Solutions’ believes that facilitating "Entrepreneurs-Financial sector linkages" can be an effective way to expand access to a broad range of financial services in rural, urban areas as well as intensifying market share.

Information Technology

The idea of Information and Communication Technologies being ‘mainstreamed’ in sustainable development has been adopted by many sectors worldwide. Access to affordable Information and Communication Technologies services could positively affect the livelihoods of millions of people around the global.

Fine Business Solutions aim at identifying potentiality of ICT as a transformative power in finding solutions to economic issues and integrating these technologies into approaches for sustainable developments to various sectors

Manufacturing and Processing

The sector is among the contributors to the country’s economy by creating and completing a value chain for various raw materials such as agricultural produce.

At Fine Business Solutions we are concerned with the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities for the processors and enterprises in this industry as well as the subsequent support and monitoring of its implementation to ensure efficiency and both vertical and horizontal growth.

Health and Insurance

The world we live in is full of uncertainties and risks. Individuals, families, businesses, properties and assets are exposed to different types and levels of risks. These include risk of loss of life, health, assets, properties, etc.

We, Fine Business Solutions are committed to advocating the importance of health, life and business insurance because the financial consequences of a potential mishap could easily wipe out the assets of an entrepreneur or a small business.


The pace of change in retail is accelerating. Many established retailers are struggling with declining sales, rising costs, disgruntled customers and employees, and upstart competitors that are nimble enough to adapt quickly and steal market share. Even successful companies can’t sit back and rest—they need to prepare for the next wave of change.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, Fine Business Solutions has helped many of the leading retailers become more systematic in exploring and developing strategic options to strengthen their positions, including; developing sustainable business models, strengthening their value proposition, looking for new markets, and continuously innovating.

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